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MLK Unity 5K Run Walk 2020

Event Goals

Leadership & Values Teen Conferences

Our immediate goal is to bring the entire community together based on respect, trust, and collaboration. It is about putting into action a “community building mindset” based on inclusion, equality, and valuing our community asset – human capital. In an effort to ensure this goal is met YAF is working with area high schools to bring together 100 teen "Change Agents" for our Leadership & Values conference.

During this conference, teens will be led by a diverse team of trained adults and peer facilitators. Participants will develop effective cross-cultural communication skills, and better understand the nature and development of self-reflecting, the benefit of forming allies, and how diversity plays a role in building a community. Teens will develop 10 key building blocks for their school to work on, as well as acquire the needed skills to become "Change Agents". 

"Change agent is a leader who act as catalysts for change and helps to move people forward."

School-based Counseling Program

Proceeds will also support Youth Achievers Foundation offering of school-based counseling programs which will collaborate with teachers, school counselors, and families to provide supplemental mental health services in the school setting. Through our therapeutic services, we will identify underlying issues, provide tools to improve communication in families, and set individual goals to help students develop the life-long skills necessary for future success. Youth Achievers Foundation will work with the Ferguson-Florissant, Hazelwood, and Normandy school districts to provide these supplemental counseling services.

"For adolescents, the first signs of mental illness or emotional distress can emerge in the school environment, and often are the root causes of poor academic performance, disciplinary issues, and truancy."

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