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YAF Youth In Service ia a life-changing program. Offering extraordinary travel opportunities for teens to join with others, explore humanity; build deep relationships and an appreciation for our region, country and its people.  Our teen Change Agents will learn to speak expressively of their hands-on experience with Youth Achievers Foundation than we ever could. Exploring passion, and singular focus to every facet of their own effort as they become Change Agents through work on the front line of service to others.


Each year teens will work in service to others leading to an adventure and service by traveling outside our community for two large-scale service projects. Summer service projects are designed with thoughtful realization and care by both teen Change Agents and the Youth Achievers Foundation program staff. 


Program Core Values & Components:


  • Developing personal responsibility

  • Fostering team-building

  • Inspiring an appreciation for cultural differences

  • Responsible & Enlightening travel

  • Empowering youth to advance their life skills

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