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Our ConfiDANCE workshop is for dancers who want to overcome the mental struggles that hold them back from peak performance and optimal well being. 

The workshop has been designed specifically with a dancer’s needs, goals, and lifestyle in mind to help them finally come to a place of authentic confidence as an artist, well being as a person, and joy as someone who is passionate about what they do.

Five Workshop Keys

  • Resolving the mental challenges that are holding dancers back from performing their best consistently such as self-doubt, performance anxiety, perfectionism, never feeling good enough, and comparison.

  • Building authentic confidence as a person and what they have to offer as a dancer. 

  • Gaining practical evidence-based tools, frameworks, and mental skills that can be used to be present, calm, grounded, and effective as they dance.

  • Building a healthy relationship with their emotions.

  • Support in making decisions about how to handle current challenges they’re facing in in school, at the dance studio, dance team, or thoughts about what direction to take in their training, life, or future career in dance.

Master the mental side of optimum performance.

Specialized support for dancers who want to step into a new level of consistency in their performance, confidence in themselves, and trust in their abilities through releasing the mental and emotional blocks that hold them back from their fullest potential.

Our workshops are led by our Co-Founder Jamell Jacobs, M.Ed., LPC, NCC. Jamell Jacobs is a licensed nationally certified professional counselor. She received her B.S. in elementary education from Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville, and her Masters in Education in professional counseling from University of Missouri-St. Louis. She iss currently a member of the counseling department at Saint Louis University while also owning and operating a dance studio in Saint Louis, MO with both recreational and competitive programs. Many of her dancers have graduated and went on to become professional dancers over the past 18 years, and others use their dance experiences to excel in other fields of work while living their passion for dance as part-time teachers and dance advocates. 

Workshops are held in 3 hour sessions. $75 per person.

Workshop topics can be tailored to fit the needs of your students when booking for a group.

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