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YAF Young Entrepreneurs program presents the perfect opportunity for innovative teens in the city of St. Louis and the North County region to learn what it takes to be successful when launching their entrepreneurial ventures. Teens explore entrepreneurship by hands on creation & implementation. Through a range of events, seminars, activities, and working sessions, participants ages 13-18 will understand how to develop their creative entrepreneurial side and invent their notions of “tomorrow”.


Three Key Strategies


*Business Plan Presentations 

This is for young entrepreneurs who have a business idea and are looking to take the first steps towards success. The Youth Entrepreneurship Program holds an annual business plan presentation event where young entrepreneurs have an opportunity to present their business plan in front of members of the chamber of commerce & successful area entrepreneurs  


*Networking Events

The Youth Entrepreneurship program holds a variety of events in collaboration with area business groups to connect entrepreneurs and aspiring Youth Entrepreneurs.


*Seminars and Workshops

The Youth Entrepreneurs Program will offer an intensive series of seminars & workshops that focus on taking entrepreneurial ideas to the next level. Topics include:


1.    Are you an entrepreneur?

2.    What’s the BIG Idea?

3.    How to do Market Research

4.    The 4P’s of Marketing

5.    Finances

6.    What’s needed in a Business plan?

7.    Social Media

8.    Marketing (Print & Video)



Due to circumstances beyond our control our first meeting was cancelled. 

This first meeting was set to get to know each other as Young Entrepreneurs. Our goal was to also complete the "Initial business plan paperwork" you will need to download this form below, read and complete for our meeting next Wednesday, January 27th 2016


Initial business plan paperwork

(click above to download)

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