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Youth In Government is a student-driven simulation of state government, which involves over 900 Missouri youth in grades 8-12. Beginning in the fall of each year, students come together as a delegation to choose their roles and prepare for the State Convention. At the YIG State Convention, students create their version of state government under the guidelines of the Missouri Constitution. All YIG participants in Missouri come together for this three-day event at the State Capitol. Legislators meet in committees and in the House and Senate chambers to debate legislation. Attorneys try their cases before student judges and engage in a moot trial competition. The entire event is covered by a student newspaper, published four times in three days, and by a student television news program that airs several times each day. Participants also engage in campaigns and elections for officers who will serve during the following year.


This six-month learn-by-doing experience teaches the values of democracy by bringing together a cross-section of the state’s teens. The program provides them with the opportunity to experience government first-hand and to learn how to solve community problems through the democratic process as well as debate and discuss issues with their peers from throughout Missouri.


As a delegation, teens will create bills about pertinent issues, research and practice court cases, develop public speaking and networking skills, and attend an annual Model Legislature & Court Convention.


Since 1949, Missouri Youth In Government (YIG) has provided students with the opportunity to develop leadership skills and experience democracy. Based on the motto “Democracy Must Be Learned By Each Generation”, YIG is a statewide educational program that involves over 900 Missouri youth each year in various programs.





The following list of dates highlights specific events and important deadlines for the 2015 YIG program year.


Teens please review these dates and deadlines when you register for the program.


Dates                            Deadlines                                                    Location 


18-Sep                                         Student Registration Forms                                                          YAF Office

                                                      Scholarship Applications (if needed)

                                                      Student Participation Agreement Form

                                                      Student Medical Forms

                                                      Applications for Program Leadership Positions



9-Oct                                          Non-refundable program fees per student


11-Oct                                        Legislative Bills are Due 


Dates                                     Conferences                                                Location

11/6 - 11/7                                  Bill Hearing & Traning Conferences                                            St. Louis


12/3-12/5                                    Early Arrival Training & Clark State Convention                   Jefferson City


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